Economic Development

Our impact through local farmers

Hands For Giving is dedicated to working with local farmers which can provide food for schools and families in need. Through these avenues we can help to provided employment for poor families.

Family farmers play a crucial role in resolving world hunger, but they’re also those most likely to fall victim to hunger and poverty. An estimated 800 million people living below the global poverty line work in the agricultural sector. 

And yet, smallholder agriculture has great potential to reduce overall national poverty levels. According to a landmark World Bank report, an increase of one percent in agricultural GDP reduces poverty by four times as much as the same percentage increase in non-agricultural GDP.

Hands For Giving is working with family farmers to aid in eliminating childhood poverty. By working with family farmers to build on their knowledge in the development of sustainable agricultural practices, we can improve the availability of food to starving children in poor communities.

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